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Kayak rental

We offer really nice kayaks which is suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced paddler. The rental includes a kayak, a paddle, a cover and a life vest. We have different rental prices depending on what kind of kayak you would like to rent (premium/base, single or double) and for how long you would like to rent.


Use convenient clothes and we recommend packing your phone in a waterproof case. There is even a possibility to pack extra clothes and a picknick in the kayaks, or why not a tent for staying overnight somewhere.


You are responsible for your own safety. You should determine whether you can manage to paddle in the current weather. You should also be aware of weather-changes. You should adjust your paddling according to weather and prerequisite.

In case you´ve never paddled before, we recommend you to use our guide-service. You get path guiding, company and advice from an experienced paddler.

Polkuped does not take any responsibility for your stuff during your paddling trip.


Even though it’s windy, there is many ways to still paddle in lee and good conditions. Take help from our path suggestions or ask the staff at Strand-Mölle, where they think it would be the best conditions to paddle due to the wind.

The safest paddling time is late at night. The wind usually calms down after 7-8 pm and the ocean offers a great mirror.


You take care of our kayaks. Our archipelago is full of rocks and you should be careful when you paddle near land and in areas with many rocks. You pay for any damage that has been caused by carelessness.

You keep agreed times.

We have a wide range of kayaks, everything from sportier, playful models to stable beginner kayaks. In addition, there are two children’s kayaks as well as a double and a triple kayak.

When you come and paddle with us, you get a kayak that suits you and your experience. 

Some of our kayaks have rudders, some have skeg and some have none of the mentioned. A rudder is a type of fin that you can use to steer your kayak, with the help of the foot pedals. Skeg is also a type of fin, but which, unlike the rudder, cannot be steered. The skeg comes out as a keel at the back under the kayak and can help you keep the desired direction. In some waves, the skeg can be a very useful aid.

The double kayak and triple kayak are perfect if you want to paddle with someone, or if you are paddling with children, for example. If you are paddling double/triple together with a child, you sit in the back, while the child sits in the front.The triple kayak is suitable for paddling two adults. Since it will be crowded if you were to paddle three adults, it is not something we recommend. However, the center hatch is an excellent place for smaller children, dogs or why not a picnic basket?

If you have slightly older children who would like to paddle on their own, the children’s kayaks are an excellent option. The children’s kayaks are suitable for children aged approx. 6-13 years. 

In addition to the kayak, the rental also includes all necessary equipment such as a paddle, life jacket and spray deck.  

Bring a change of clothes, water bottle and sunscreen when you come paddling. If you wish, you can pack your own picnic – we are happy to recommend picnic spots!

Båthusrundan: is suitable for new beginners and for short sightseeingtrips. Calm and protected way near the beach. Is also suitable if it’s a little bit windy. Also suitable for SUP.

Fjärdsbådan runt: nice, short beginnerstrip which is suitable for both paddling and SUP. On Fjärdsbådan runt you can see summer sheep on graze. There is a possibility to take ashore but the sheep are often gregarious (and kind).

Långbådan runt: good beginnerstrip. Is especially suitable if it’s windy on the beach because then this trip is in lee. Paddle near the beach. In the narrow strait and the southest on the map has a lot of rocks. Be careful. If the water level is not too low, it’s even possible to take a shortcut through the strait right over the text “Grangrund”.

Flaket runt: nice, variating trip which is also suitable for beginners. A little bit longer than Långbådan runt, but fits very well even though it’s windy from south, west and east. Often calm waters in the whole route except in northern wind. Paddle near land and lengthen the trip if wanted.

Marsskärsberget: nice islet surrounded by a lot of rocks. Near the blue dot, there is many small cliffs which gives the possibility to both camping and picnicking. This route requires more paddling experience because of the wind on Gloppet often is stronger than on the more protected routes. A short trip can also be made to Strandhyddan which is the parishes property. Strandhyddan has the possibility to take ashore and have a picnic with sea-view.

Halsön runt: this is a whole-day-trip which demands more experience in kayaking. Variating route with both inner archipelago and more open waters. In the area near the scouts cabin you paddle in shallow flads protected from the wind and at the scouts cabin you can take ashore and eat your lunch, which you have to bring by yourself. There is a suitable pier which makes it easy to take ashore.

(The prices include kayak, chapel, paddle and life jacket)


3 h – 20 euros

Rotomod Ysak

Melker Väderö

Point 65 Buccaneer

Point 65 Club Jack

Vortex Tiderace

Perception Carolina

Perception Expression


Oasis 4.30



3h – 35 euros

Melker Rödlöga

Melker Ulvön



3h – 30 euros



3h – 12 euros


Rent a kayak for a whole day

Basic kayaks 35 euros

Premium kayaks 55 euros

Double kayak 50 euros



Basic kayaks / Premium kayaks

2 days: 50 euros/80 euros

3 days: 70 euros/105 euros

4 days: 85 euros/130 euros

5 days: 95 euros/150 euros

If you would like to rent kayaks for a group or for a time that’s not included in the pricelist, please contact us through our email [email protected] or find out more information under Group bookings.

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